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Inland Development is a culmination of some of the best minds in construction and development. Our team consists of a wide scope of prestigious contractors and business savvy developers. With over 50 years of experience, Inland Development is on the cutting edge of the construction and real estate industry. Collectively, the Inland Development team has designed and erected buildings that you walk by everyday in Downtown LA and all of Southern California. Our reputation is unmatched and boldly speaks for itself.


Our services are tailored for any individual that wants to have their building established in the utmost professional and timely fashion. We work very closely with our clients. Once you tell us your plans, we will immediately go straight to creating and managing your project. Our overall goal is to help you maintain your budget and avoid unnecessary cost. We’ll meticulously work with you on every aspect of your project. From establishing your plans, to handing you the keys to the building you envisioned from the start.

Our Projects

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Simone Place

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Residence Inn Redondo

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Creekside Terrace

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Lawndale Office

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Pacific Terrace

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Bel Cielo

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Mayumi Hotel

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Villa San Tropez

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Western Ave

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Aventura Hotel

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Lakeshore Drive

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Monte Vista

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838 Pine

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Cape Cod Villas

Our System


Inland Development makes it a practice of ours to have thorough and transparent communication with all of our clientele. From the beginning and the very end of your project. We will consult with you and discover the best way to bring your project into fruition.


We specialize in keeping you under budget. It’s our primary focus to monitor and take care of your finances. Our goal is to strategically save you money and avoid unnecessary cost from the start.


As soon as the plans for your project are developed, we will immediately begin identifying a timeline and create solutions. We promptly begin mobilizations and our team immediately gets to work on your project.


We’ll help orchestrate the entire project from paper to breaking ground. From day one, we’ll be constantly developing and receiving updates on the progress of your building. We’ll have daily reports to ensure that you’re up-to-date and fully aware of the constructability of your project - all the way until completion.

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